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I provide personalized coaching for individuals craving control, balance, and time for what's important in their lives.

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Reclaim Your Energy

No more dragging through your days. Rediscover vitality, enthusiasm, and the energy to do the things you love.

Find Balance & Peace

Say goodbye to overwhelm. Learn to manage your time, prioritize effectively, and create a sustainable rhythm in your life.

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Build Your Best Body

Achieve your health and fitness goals without sacrificing joy or resorting to restrictive diets and grueling workouts.

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Beyond the "All or Nothing" Approach: Find Your Balanced Body

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and sacrificing life's joys to achieve your desired body composition? I'm Bates, your Holistic Health Coach. I understand the frustration of struggling with busy schedules and conflicting priorities. That's why I've developed a proven process to help you reach your body goals without compromising the things you love.

Together, we can develop a balanced lifestyle where you can enjoy both your ideal physique and the meaningful moments in life. Together, we'll create a sustainable path to health and happiness.

Your Transformation, One Pillar at a Time

True well-being isn't just about physical health. It's about thriving in all areas of life. That's why my coaching focuses on five interconnected pillars:

Health: Create sustainable habits for a body that's energized and resilient.

Time Management: Gain control of your schedule and create space for what truly matters.

Relationships: Cultivate deep connections and build a strong support network.

Personal Development: Uncover your strengths, overcome limiting beliefs, and unlock your full potential.

3-Year Vision: Gain clarity on your goals and create a roadmap to the life you desire.

We'll dive deep into each pillar, tailoring our focus to where you need it most. This holistic approach ensures you experience transformation that extends far beyond the scale or the gym.

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How It Works


Assessment & Goal Setting

Begin by identifying the goals and challenges unique to you during a consultation call. We'll set benchmarks and visualize a balanced lifestyle achievable through effective body composition management.


Reverse Engineer Goals & Program Implementation

Utilizing my customized framework, we'll craft a personalized plan tailored to your objectives and lifestyle. This plan will seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, helping you achieve your body composition goals while still enjoying life's pleasures.


Refinement & Sustainability

Together, we'll continually refine and optimize your plan through regular check-ins. This ongoing process ensures that you can sustain your desired body composition long after our sessions, promoting lasting well-being and resilience against life's demands.

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Chris Bates coaching and transformation.

You're Not Alone – I've Helped Countless Others Find Their Balance

I understand the frustration of trying to "do it all" and feeling like you're constantly falling short. The pressure to be perfect, the guilt when you miss a workout, the stress of an overflowing schedule... I've been there. That's why my coaching is rooted in empathy and understanding.

I've helped countless individuals break free from the cycle of overwhelm and build lives that are both fulfilling and sustainable. I'll guide you through the same process, offering the support and tools you need to thrive.

Don't take my word for it – see what others who've walked this path have to say. 👇


"His ability to hold me accountable has been incredible"
Eli Facenda

Eli Facenda


"Chris was incredible at putting together a lifting and nutrition action plan."
Benjamin Arneberg

Benjamin Arneberg


"He provided a fresh perspective on dating."
Will headshot



"He's knowledgeable, he's available, and he's a great motivator."
Luke headshot


Husband & Father

"I felt seen and heard by someone that actually wantedto help me."
Haley testimonial


"Chris was knowledgeable about hormone balance and energy optimization"
Mikayla testimonial


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how coaching can help you overcome overwhelm, ditch burnout, and achieve your goals.

I've tried diets and exercise programs before, and they haven't worked for me. What makes this different?

I hear you! Many programs focus solely on the physical aspect of health. My approach is different. We'll look at the whole picture – your nutrition, movement, stress levels, sleep, relationships, and mindset.  We'll create a sustainable plan that works with your life, not against it.

I'm worried I don't have enough time for coaching with my busy schedule.

I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed. That's precisely why time management is a key pillar of my program. We'll work together to optimize your schedule, streamline your priorities, and create space for the things that truly matter – including your health and well-being.

I'm not sure coaching is right for me. What if I don't see results?

My coaching is a collaborative process. We'll work together to set realistic goals and track your progress every step of the way. You'll have my support and guidance throughout the entire journey. Remember, lasting change takes time, but with the right approach, you will see results.

Coaching seems expensive. Can I afford it?

Investing in your health is one of the wisest decisions you can make.  I offer flexible payment options to fit your budget.  Consider the cost of not taking action – the toll that burnout and overwhelm can take on your physical and mental health. When you prioritize your well-being, everything else in your life improves.

Your Shortcut to Optimal Health: 15 Years of Lessons Learned

Your Transformation Starts Here. Why Choose Me as Your Guide?

Feeling trapped in a cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion? I know the feeling. As someone who has personally overcome these challenges, I've dedicated my life to helping others create a life they love, one filled with health, energy, and balance.

My unique approach combines years of research and personal experience with the latest in holistic wellness strategies.

Together, we'll tackle not just the symptoms of burnout, but the root causes, so you can create lasting change and thrive in all areas of your life. I'm not just a coach, I'm your partner in transformation.

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